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AdvanLab® is a centralized automation system for laboratories that integrates the core needs of monitoring and control existing in these areas: operating parameters, safety, energy, air quality control and maintenance.

A part of the system consists in a software which allows users monitoring and control of different variables/parameters of the equipments, laboratory rooms, floors and the whole building in real time, and intuitively.

This software allows setting different limits of alarms for each variable, establishing how to alert the user in the case of alarm (SMS, email, visual or audible), view parameters graphics and statistic data, and export data in many formats (.csv, .pdf, .doc, .xls).

The other part of the system, which allows data acquisition and actuation, consists in a network of transmitters with wireless communication and powered by battery.


(+) Complete solution for monitoring and control
(+) Data acquisition in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
(+) Scalability: from one equipment to a room, to the whole building
(+) Applicability at new laboratories and existing laboratories with expansion possibilities
(+) Possibility of customization and integration with the systems already installed and with Building management system
(+) Complete software and hardware solution for wireless and wired communication.


(+) User friendly interface with different layout and information for laboratory staff, managers and maintenance staff
(+) User management, data analysis, alarms (SMS, email, sound and visual) and reports
(+) Remote access possible with various platforms: web, smartphones
(+) Data integrity with backups and data base encryption


Operating Parameters


Acquisition and automatic processing of equipment and environmental parameters, eliminating errors and ensuring compliance with the most demanding regulations. Get immediate alerts about any anomaly and avoid losing valuable tests.



Enjoy a wide range of options for protecting people, equipment and tests: detection of gas leaks, flooding, power cuts or access control.

Energy Efficiency


A typical laboratory consumes 5 to 10 times more energy on average than a normal office building. This system affords you various efficient energy management solutions, operating on the climatisation, electricity, water and lighting networks.

Air Quality


Have at your disposal ongoing air quality monitoring, obtaining a diagnosis of the building, fostering the comfort, health and productivity of your employees.

Room Air Control


The air renewal rates, air balancing, pressure and temperature of each room are vital for energy performance, air quality and safety. Obtain a control and monitoring system which ensures the maintenance of controlled environments.



Get periodic alerts about equipment maintenance and calibration requirements: Fume cupboards, laminar flow cabinets, filters, emergency showers and eyewash, technical furniture, infrastructures and others.


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